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Meet Azaan


My name is Azaan, I am 22 years old, and I have just completed my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Information Systems this summer. Currently I am taking a master’s degree in Business Administration and Information System with focus on digitalization and besides that, I am working as a Student Worker in Nestlé, where I have been for almost 2 years.

What it’s like to work here

For a young professional, Nestlé provides a good culture as the company really focuses on the well-being of its employees. For me, this means that I have the possibility to focus on my school and career goals without feeling any pressure, and I am able to schedule my work hours according to my studies.

What I appreciate most about working at Nestlé is the professionalism, diversity and flexibility. By this I mean that Nestlé provides a great work environment where you can work in your preferred way as long as you achieve the performance goals. Furthermore, we have different kinds of people in our teams with different types of knowledge and backgrounds. This really strengthens and boosts our overall success.

What it’s like to grow here

I am a Student Worker in Field Sales, Commercial Denmark, and my journey at Nestlé has been very unique. From the start, I got the responsibility to update our business analytic platform weekly; meaning that I was responsible for doing the data management and data processing. No Student Worker before me had this responsibility, as it was previously handled by a full-time employee. After achieving this goal, I was offered different kinds of assignments and projects, for example I was part of the Power BI implementation in our department. I have also had the opportunity to present updates on our software tools at our quarterly sales meetings in front of the entire Commercial Denmark department.

Some advice I would give to other young professionals in relation to student jobs is to find a company with a healthy environment, so you can manage both your school and your work. This is very important, because then you can ultimately focus on your skills and strengthen your profile. To perform to my fullest in both school and work, it is necessary for me to plan, so I can find a great balance and focus equally on both aspects of my career.

Furthermore, it is also possible to network with the employees in Nestlé no matter what position one has. I think this is a great learning opportunity for every young Student Worker, as you obtain great insight into the company and where you can see yourself contributing in the future.

The impact you can have here

I feel that I have a great impact, as I get a lot of responsibility to handle different kinds of assignments and projects. For example, if I identify something that can be optimized, I get the time and resources to run such projects.

One of the things I am most proud of regarding Nestlé is the Nestlé Needs YOUth campaigns. The campaigns aim to attract talents and ensure that the youth also get prioritized and focused on, as we see that some talents struggle to find jobs related to their studies. Companies often require people with many years of experience, which young professionals usually do not have as they are ‘fresh’ from their studies and want to enter the job market.