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Research & Development

Within R&D, we’re committed to developing innovative foods, beverages and nutritional health solutions for people and pets everywhere across all their life stages.

The 4,000 employees working within our R&D function worldwide – from scientists and engineers to regulatory experts and culinary chefs – are key to our success. They help drive our growth through breakthrough research that is translated quickly into products and services that are good for both consumers and the planet.

Innovation studies

By joining us, you could be working on the next generation of plant-based foods, affordable nutrition, cutting-edge machine systems, sustainable packaging solutions or new analytical technologies to ensure food safety. Technical support for Nestlé factories worldwide is a vital part of our role too.

Beyond full-time positions, we also support young people through apprenticeships and internships, and fund PhD students and post-doctoral work in different areas of food science and technology within Nestlé Research. For example, the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences PhD program (pdf, 130Kb) provides students with the unique possibility to acquire the skills and competencies required to conduct independent experimental research on nutrition and health.

You can also apply for an open challenge in our R+D Accelerator, a network with locations across the world. Here, small teams of students, start-ups and Nestlé 'intrapreneurs' work to fast-track the development of food and beverage innovations.

R&D colleagues

We look for

Friendly, respectful and inspiring people who care about the people and pets whose lives we touch every day.

You'll have a background in a key R&D-related discipline – everything from product development, nutrition & health, science and technology and culinary through to regulatory or legal – and will be motivated to drive innovation with an entrepreneurial mindset that unlocks the power of food, allowing us to develop products and services that are good for you and good for the planet.

Prototype testing

I enjoy being a product developer in Nestlé R&D because the environment gives me the freedom to create and explore. The people here have an open mindset in terms of trying new things and I’m empowered to make decisions and act – to deliver safe, high quality and sustainable products. Our function is full of amazing people and resources that I can easily access, to support my personal and professional development.